Matienzo Caves Project 2021

News and cave exploration around Matienzo during 2021.
A map with area names can be found here.

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January / February

   A brief update which will be expanded before the next Expedition:

    The Matienzo Caves Project has an exploration permit for 2021. One area - a triangular section of Ribamontán al Monte - bounded on the NW side by the motorway and including Monte Llusa and Villanueva - is being shared with a Spanish group, Club Montaña y Espeleología La Cambera. These cavers have been busy documenting holes to the SW of Monte Llusa (the Cierrolinos area) and are in the process of surveying the larger finds. At least one - "looks great, this is a good one" - has been surveyed for over 300m and is still going.
    The group publishes a blog which is now part of the Matienzo log book. (At the time of writing they had published 10 entries from January 15th to February 13th. See A jpg map of the finds can be seen here. We look forward to surveys and photographs and the time when we can properly share explorations. This will include pushing on in the Villanueva resurgence, site 5023.

    The new book, "Matienzo Caves Project 2010 - 2019" has been published and advertised on the main caving social media sites. Details can be found here.
    A small number of administrative updates have been written but there is little point in publishing updates to the web site, logbooks and maps until further work has been carried out by La Cambera and the expeditions are about to start up again, probably some time after Easter 2021.

    There will be no Easter Expedition, as travel from the UK seems extremely unlikely. If it becomes possible for some to travel, they can operate in the same way as we do outside expedition times with no office and keeping their own logbook that will be added to the master book when sent in. We hope the summer expedition will be possible - we should know more by April.

   The threat of a wind farm between Matienzo and the Miera valley was raised. This page summarises the possible works and the risks to some cave sites.

Juan Corrin & Phil Papard 18/2; 25/2/2021