0252: cave
La Secada 30T 453024 4798423 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 239m
Length 82m (including site 4732) Depth 6m
Area position

Updated 24th April 2012; 20th May 2017; 1st May, 10th December 2018; 12th May 2019

   The entrance is in a tree-lined depression and has been wrongly tagged "873". Originally, a drop between boulders ended in a choked chamber. At Easter 2018, the entrance was enlarged; an alternative entrance dug open and sub-phoned (site 4732); a nearby draughting route excavated to walking passage and a run-in, and the whole system surveyed to a length of 82m.
   Digging continued in the autumn 2018 when a large number of spiders were noted and a probable bear tooth excavated. More digging was carried out at Easter 2019 and bat droppings were noticed along with beetles eating the remians of beetles in the guano.


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Entrance pictures : Easter 2012 : Easter 2017 : Easter 2018 see also site 4732 : autumn 2018
Underground picture(s): Easter 2018 : autumn 2018
Detailed Survey : Easter 2018, including 4732 : amended after autumn 2018
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : Easter 2018