1298: dig
Seldesuto 30T 449570 4794493 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 300m
Length 26m Depth 7m
Area position

Updated 6th December 1999; 17th September 2000; 2nd Febrary 2005; 15th September 2014; 30th September, 7th December 2017; 7th May, 23rd September 2018

   This very strongly draughting hole lies 30m up the normally dry stream bed from where the track up from Seldesuto crosses the valley.
   The draughting rift ihas been enlarged. Along with site 879, it lies 150m from the end of the western passages in Cubio de la Reñada (site 48) and 600m from Cueva del Arenal (site 35).
   A visit with a video camera shoved into the rift showed limited immediate prospects with a 2cm wide crack, although the site does seem to have a rumbling noise in the distance.
   Eight sessions during the summer 2017 enlarged the tiny rift, eventually reaching a small enlargement at a cross rift. Work continued in November, 2017 to reveal a 5m open drop blocked by a boulder. (Reported in feedback to FCE).
   The site finally "went" at Easter 2018 when a 4m ladder climb down beneath shoring and between boulders entered a bouldery chamber. Further investigation requires a better draught. In the summer, various boulders were removed but a definitive route through has yet to be discovered.

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Entrance pictures: yes : IR pictures, August 2017 : wetter conditions video (YouTube) : August 2018
Video: Infrared video of the hole (YouTube) : Investigations, August 2017 (YouTube) : Blowing entrance 2018 (YouTube)
Underground pictures: March 2018
Detailed survey: April 2018
Line survey:
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Survex file: April 2018 : On the South Vega System area, April 2018