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Proposed Wind Farm Across the North and West Ridges
The wind farm threat has become a bit clearer with the undated document (1) that is an environmental strategy for 20-25 parques eólicos in Cantabria, each with 20 generators. The maps in the document show that possible areas include the ridge from east of Fuente las Varas through to Alisas, along with the El Naso ridge and hillsides above Fuente Aguanaz and Torca La Vaca. The Matienzo area is labelled B7.1, B7.2 and B8. The document can be viewed here.

It wouldn't be an over-estimate to say that hundreds of cave sites are potentially at risk from building the generators and the associated access roads and power lines. First thoughts are that the Matienzo depression could be half surrounded but the area is relatively small compared to the rest of B so might be easier to oppose. There hasn't, apparently, been a visual impact assessment and this should include a landscape / view quality assessment which would hopefully be in the area's favour, as the Matienzo karst depression is unique, the largest in Spain.

The sooner we get more detailed maps with the placement of the generators, roads and other groundworks, the sooner we can
1: make an estimate of archaeological and other sites potentially at risk.
2: bring these findings to people who may not have realised the extent of the potential risks
3: start talking / writing to people who might make a difference!

JSC 18/11/09

1: Environmental strategy for 20-25 parques eólicos in Cantabria