0780: Corcada, Torca de
Seldesuto 30T 448216 4794634 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 389m
Length 307m Depth 107m
Area position

Updated 10th October 2004; 7th May 2007; 22nd May 2014; 21st May, 19th September 2017; 6th May, 23rd September, 11th December 2018; 13th May, 14th September, 31st October 2019

An alternative GPS position is ETRS89: 0448206 4794622

   The site has been, at least partly, explored by Catalan cavers.
   A small entrance in the corner of a field - beyond the newly modernised barn - which may have to be excavated of an obscuring rock and soil.
   An entrance pitch of 4m drops into a steeply descending passage, littered with animal bones and roof tiles etc. This ends at a chamber with a small inlet passage on the left which could perhaps be pushed further.
   In the chamber a carbide arrow marks a slot down to a traverse left over a hole and a 2m climb down to the head of a 9m pitch. At the bottom two routes go off, an Active Route reached by holes down or a Fossil Route reached by a 2m climb up on the right.

    The Active Route leads to a 5m pitch in a meander passage, which continues narrow and was enlarged towards the head of another drop in August 2017. (See survey sketch). A single visit in summer 2018 pushed down the p5 in the Active Route and work continued in the autumn, following a narrow meander. (See surveys below). The enlarging of the Active Route continued at Easter 2019 with a breakthrough in the summer, over two trips, when a p18 with a hading rift to a p27, entering a bouldery chamber with a possible drop between the boulders and the wall. (batches 2019-01 and 2019-01). The survey can be seen below.

    The Fossil Route leads to a 7m pitch with a narrow top, followed immediately by a 8m pitch. At the bottom an aven on the left has a vocal connection to before the 7m pitch. The way on is to the right, in a steeply descending bedding (possibly formed like all the cave on a fault plane) with an abandoned stream trench in the floor. Traversing off to the left reaches the head of a 16m pitch. At the foot a short passage leads to a narrow rift which could be pushed. In August 2017 this route was rigged for SRT.
   Three trips over Easter 2018 re-rigged the Fossil Route and capped at constrictions near the end. Water could be heard in the distance on day 2. On the final trip: "Squeezed through to a widening grotto. Slots in the floor about 5m deep. Sounds bigger below. Worth continuing capping to gain access." No survey was carried out although a sketch can be seen here.

   A trip at Easter 2007 emerged to say that there were no easy extensions to be had.
   The entrance was found to be strongly draughting in at Easter 2017.

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Entrance pictures : summer 2004
Underground picture(s): 2004 : Easter 2018
Video: Enlarging and viewing the Fossil Route, Easter 2018
Detailed Survey : 1:500 plan - gif  pdf  : Extension in the Active Route, 2017
1:500 projected section - gif  pdf : Extension in the Fossil Route, Easter 2018 (sketch) : 2018 Active Route Extensions - summer : autumn : after summer 2019 extensions - plan and elevation (Guy & Patrick)
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : after summer 2019 (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)
Cocarda + Toad + Arenal after summer 2019