0284: caves (Cagulia 1, Cueva (16)) (Cubillo 1, S. (17)) (Cubillo 2, S. (18))
Ogarrio 30T 456148 4793221 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 130m
Lengths 90m
Area position

   First looked at in 1976, the caves have been explored by the F.C.M.E.. The original notes described a wet weather resurgence, still going but more suitable clothing needed and that other caves nearby needed pushing.

   The sites have no description in reference BV, just a survey in some cases:

   The sketch surveys in L76 should "agree" with the BV surveys in some cases. Not all the sites noted in 1976 have been documented in BV.

   In November / December 2015 water tracing from Cueva Orill√≥n was found not to emerge in this area. Detectors were placed in one of these resurgences (Surgencia Cubillo 3, that the AEC Lobetum catalogue as site 1) and a resurgence futher to the north catalogued by the Cuencans as site 5. The Surgencia Cubillo 3 has been GPS'd at 30T 0456164 4793211.

References: anon., 1976 (logbook) (survey); anon., 1981 (logbook); Corrin J, 1983c; anon., 1993a (survey); anon., 2015d (autumn logbook)
Entrance picture : Surgencia Cubillo 3
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