5067: Cópica Escarlata, Torca (LC193)
Garzón 30T 449768 4803717 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 305m
Length 300m Depth 100m
Area position

   A continuing cave which is being explored in stream and fossil passage. By 16/3/21, four trips had been made down pitches with the "Ayla River". It appears to be over 300m in length and 100m depth currently ending at a drop. "We notice that Copica Escarlata little by little begins to narrow and make it difficult for us to explore."
    A trip (reported on 11/4/21) explored a fossil gallery with a draught which appeared to be mainly crawling and 200m were surveyed.

References: La Cambera blog in anon., 2021a (January, February logbook)
Entrance pictures : 2021
Underground pictures : 2021 February
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