0637: shaft
Alisas 30T 447484 4794148 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 669m
Length 40m Depth 40m+
Area position

Updated 10th October 2004

Shaft entrance marked by another group. 40m pitch to a floor with an undescended slot with its base apparently 6m below. No draught. There may be some confusion with this site and another shaft nearby (1995c).
In 2001 the position was said to be correct.
The site was explored at the end of July 2014 when cavers "went to the bottom", although there is no description or mention of a slot. A less obvious hole at the rear of the larger hole was investigated using trees for a Y-hang. This is described as about 30m deep with a "slot in the back corner at the base". The rope was too short. Apparently, the slot was "descended but doesn't go".

Reference: anon., 1987 (logbook); anon., 1995c (logbook); anon., 2001c (Summer logbook); anon., 2004d (summer logbook); anon., 2014c (summer logbook)
Entrance picture : yes  yes (2004)
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