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Cave Science

Science relating to Matienzo and surroundings

Bats in Caves Project (Recording information about bats; Jess Eades)

Magnetic Susceptibility (Cave Sediments as Indicators of Geomorphic Development; Andy Quin)

Cave levels in Matienzo (2023 paper by Pete Smith)

Palaeomagnetism (Palaeosecular Variation Observed in Speleothems From Western China and Northern Spain; Steve Openshaw)

site (including a Matienzo Environmental Study in Castellano and English ; Jesús Ruiz Cobo)

Water tracing
(a summary of water tracing investigations updated May 2018; Juan Corrin & Pete Smith)   

Rose diagram
showing the passage directions of all surveyed caves. (21/6/2018)

Rose diagram generation
as an Inkscape plugin (Patrick Warren). In Inkscape, File/Import then chose Files of type / Rose diagram (*.3d)

Radon around Matienzo
(Juan Corrin, Phil Papard, Torben Redder. December 2012, 2014)

The Matienzo Karst Entomology Project (Tom Thomson)

Cave Archaeology around the Matienzo Depression (Peter Smith)

A paper detailing a comprehensive study of Bronze Age pottery from a Matienzo cave (Peter Smith, et al)

Catalogue of recent finds of teeth and bones in MCP caves / digs (2018-2021 )
. (Peter Smith)

Speleothem Climate Capture - A Holocene Reconstruction of Northern Iberian Climate and Environmental Change. Also links to Drip water electrical conductivity as an indicator of cave ventilation at the event scale

A paper detailing the finds and conclusions of a 2010 archaeological study in Cueva de Barandas (Smith, Ruiz Cobo & Corrin)

Further work on palaeoclimate reconstruction in Cueva de las Perlas (Laura Deeprose)

Infrared photography
around entrances, August 2017, March 2018 (Juan Corrin)

Hypogene Caves in Matienzo?
(Pete Smith, October 2018)

Speleothems and Speleogens around Matienzo
collated by Peter Smith (started September 2021)

Nitrogen in stal paper by Peter Wynn et al based on samples collected from Cueva-Cubío del Llanío (3234). See 2021 section of the Reports, Papers & Presentations section

The Speleothem Phosphate Palaeothermometer - introduction by Peter Wynn

Updated 22/2/2023
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