Cave Surveying Help

The pdf files and links are provided to help Matienzo cavers collect survey data, process it and produce a final survey.

Introduction: Documenting Matienzo Caves by Surveying (Updated 3/4/2021) :
(Magnetic Declination - altered Survex files)
Surveying a cave:

Underground Surveying - data collection

Processing the data: Cave Data Entry & Processing Guide - part 1 (Updated 3/4/2021) : template-2021 svx
Background to Using *DECLINATION in Survex files (3/4/2021)
Producing a final survey: Using Inkscape (Updated 3/7/19; not yet updated for Inkscape v1.0.2) : template svg
  Patrick Warren's Sketch > Survex tool (Survey data reconstruction)
Analysis of incomplete surveys: A table of sites with a survey but no centre line and possible ways forward.
Some more cave survey sites: Wikipedia article : Cave Surveying Group
  UIS Mapping Grades : BCRA Survey Grades : UIS Survey Symbols
Books: Cave Surveying (Anthony Day) BCRA . Available from Starless River