Digital photos by Juan Corrin (row A),
Pete Hall (row B) and Peter Clewes (row C).
Click to enlarge.
A1: the rift to the right of the centre entrance.
A2: entrance before the summer excavations.
A3: Andy Pringle investigating entrance.
B1: entrance with Pete O'Neill
B2-3: entrance with Tim Allen.
C1: entrance with Keiran
C2: Lenny Gee




A 2066-jc-01.jpg 2066-jc-02.jpg 2066-jc-03.jpg
B 2066-ph-2004-03.jpg 2066-ph-2004-04.jpg 2066-ph-2004-05.jpg
C 2066-pcl-2006-10.jpg 2066-pcl-2006-11.jpg