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Garma Blanca - cave sites at risk
   The Garma Blanca wind farm project has put a number of sites of speleological interest at risk of being covered over and/or destroyed and or altered with drainage works. The risks come from the 14km of access road with associated excavations, embankments and drainage works and pylons being erected to take the electricity to the Solórzano (Fuente las Varas) sub-station. The 13 generators appear not to put just a couple of sites at risk.
    The at-risk sites have been tabled first north to south as the access roads have been studied, then east to northeast along the line of the cable / pylon run. The public documentation (which can be downloaded here) contains highly detailed maps and photos of the proposed works and should be consulted for definitive positions.

Maps have a 100m grid and a compass rose.

site code(s) name map link risk
3022 hole
could be covered over / filled in
2271 shafts
could be covered over / filled in or maybe bypassed
4955 sink May well be affected by dumped material and / or drainage works
1978, 2047, 2046, 2045 shafts
On the downhill side of the road so maybe at risk of being filled in. 2046 will be bypassed?
2119 cave On the downhill side of road spur so maybe at risk of being filled in.
2261, 2262 digs Close to generator GB13 - at risk of being filled in.
2074, 2075 shafts
Close to pylon 14, S of Cobadal cave. Access to site? Could be filled in.