Matienzo Caves Project 2020

News and cave exploration around Matienzo during 2020.
A map with area names can be found here.

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January / February

[This section may be further updated when the February long-weekend team return, along with all other resources for the Easter expedition.]
   A part-survey of Cueva Vecina (0096), just above Cueva Emboscados (0087) was carried out. Low on the side of El Naso, site 5011 was explored into a 7m diameter chamber with a couple of crawls leading off.
   In Las Calzadillas area, Lorry Pot (1776) was pinned down with a grid reference and further photo. This hole has yet to be explored. Close to this shaft, another small one has been documented (5003). Phil Goodwin completed the survey for La Sima Grande de Las Calzadillas (4772) and provided more photos.
   To the south of the depression, sites 0823 and 4661 have been updated with entrance photos and at San Miguel, Cueva del Llanío (0435) has been better positioned.
   The 200m diameter, circular depression just below the summit of Monte Llusa (west of El Rincón) was approached by walking in along an old track through a depression to the southwest. The Monte Llusa depression, apparently full of jungle according to aerial photos (and standing at the rim), has a number of black holes on 1956/57 black and white aerial photos. In late January, it was easy to drop down through minimal jungle to relatively jungle-free areas under the trees to the base of the depression. Three of the 'black holes' were inspected, turning out to be shallow depressions with no sign of shafts. But it is well worth a more detailed search.

   Jessica Eades has started the Matienzo Bats in Caves Project. Details are found on the dedicated Bats Project page.

The list below shows links to those 8 sites which were extended or newly discovered over January, or which have had surveys, references or descriptions updated, photos or movie clips added, or entrances repositioned using a GPS.

La Secada 96 Vecina, Cueva; 5011 cave;
Las Calzadillas 1776 Lorry Pot; 4772 Sima Grande de Las Calzadillas, La; 5003 shaft;
Riva 4661 shaft;
S Vega 823 shaft;
San Miguel 435 Llanío, Cueva del;

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