Matienzo Caves Project 2019

News and cave exploration around Matienzo during 2019.
A map with area names can be found here.

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   The University of Lancaster continues its link with the Matienzo Caves Project. Over a long weekend in January, Poppy Ambler, a master's degree student, accompanied by Dr Peter Wynn and Andy Quin collected samples in Cueva-Cubío del Llanío (site 3234 at Riaño) for a study of nitrogen levels in water, mud and stal, hoping to gain some insights into land use over the last few hundred years..
   A walk in heavy showers on the hillside to the south of La Vega provided a couple of new sites above Volcano Cave (site 1391): "probably new" site 4853 - a slot dropping down a few metres and requiring digging gear and site 4854, another dig. Both sites had water running away down the holes in the wet weather.
   Enough rain fell after the weekend to flood the fields in Matienzo, although well below the 2 - 3m higher levels at the end of January four years previously.
   Near the end of January, a water trace from site 1265 to the Carrales resurgence (site 4855) was thwarted when the detector disappeared and a second attempt gave a "negative" result, possibly due to too little OBA or not enough time being given for the OBA to come through.
   (Note: Some earlier January 2019 activities are documented in the 2018 Christmas / New Year account.)

The list below shows links to those 8 sites which were extended or newly discovered over January, or which have had surveys, references or descriptions updated, photos or movie clips added, or entrances repositioned using a GPS.

Barrio de Carrales 1265 cave; 4855 resurgence;
El Naso 4856 cave;
Riaño 3234 Llanío, Cueva-Cubío del;
S Vega 1186 dig; 1627 dig; 4853 dig; 4854 dig;

JSC 29/1/2019; 5/3/2019