4656: resurgence (old)
Hornedo 30T 448781 4801852 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: A) Altitude 123m
Area position

Updated 12th May 2018

   This possible old resurgence (or sink?) lies above the (wet weather) sink. It was suggested in April 2018 that this may be an old ice house.

   There are a number of interesting holes in the vicinity. These are 4653, 4654, 4655. The current grid reference above is a guesstimate based on a GPS reading (30T 0448789 4801852) taken halfway between 4655 and 4656 and a sketch of the relative positions of the 4 sites.

References: anon., 2018a (January, February logbook); anon., 2018b (Easter logbook)
Entrance pictures : February 2018
Underground pictures :
Video : positions of sink and nearby sites
Detailed survey : sites in area plus sketch of 4654
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file :