4245: dig (2149 (French: SCD))
Alisas 30T 447496 4793162 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: A) Altitude 552m
Length 5m
Area position

Updated 12th February, 28th October 2016; 24th September 2018

   A probably choked hole at the base of the depression containing Torca del Hoyón. On 3/8/1954, entry was possible for 7 or 8m. (Derouet L, Dresco E, Dury M et Negre J, 1955. p55).
   When inspected more thoroughly at the end of August 2016, it was thought that the hole may flood up from below and that it "would take some work to make any progress".

Reference: Derouet L, Dresco E, Dury M et Negre J, 1955; anon., 2015d (autumn logbook); anon., 2016a (January / February logbook); Simonnot G, 2016; anon., 2016c (summer logbook); Simonnot G, 2018
Entrance pictures : yes (with Torca del Hoyón)
Underground pictures :
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Detailed survey : sketch 2016
Line Survey :
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Survex file : On Torca del Hoyón doline surface survey