4065: Zorros 1, Cueva de los
Solórzano 30T 452672 4803339 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 90m
Length 67m Depth 4m
Area position

   The entrance of the cave is in a small limestone knoll, to the south of the houses in the north-east of Solórzano. On the right of the entrance a small passage slopes down to a choke. The main passage continues more or less walking height to a squeeze and a second section of passage with some stal and tree roots. This ends abruptly at a ramp up. At the top of the ramp, it might be possible to dig out a narrow passage along a rift heading east. There is a Cueva de los Zorros II somewhere in the vicinity, but it has not been located.
   According to one account, the entrance might be in the "corridor" immediately to the south in the knoll.

Reference: anon., 2014c (summer logbook)
Entrance pictures : yes
Underground pictures : yes
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Detailed survey : yes
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Survex file : yes