4017: Hoya, Pozo de la
Hoznayo 30T 443380 4804717 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 48m
Length 137m Depth 17m Vertical Range 23m
Area position

Updated 5th June 2014; 7th May, 6th December 2016

   A cave previously surveyed by Spanish cavers on the north side of the motorway. There are 3 entrances.

   This is an old phreatic cave with archaeological interest that has been partly truncated by erosion of the surface. Approaching from the west out of the adjacent pasture the first entrance (Choke) is seen on the right under a small rock face. This is a tight passage partly blocked by a large boulder followed by a slope down to the main E-W passage. The second entrance (Tyre) is only a few meters to the east and has a number of tyres dumped. It is possible to climb over these but care is needed as immediately below is a drop into the lower passage going to a "sump".
   The main entrance (Rift) is further to the East and uphill to the right. This is a climb down to a large passage some 2-3 m wide and 4m high that slopes down to a choke with a voice connection through boulders to the passage below near where a crawl enters the "sump" chamber. On the walls of this main passage is evidence of infill and false floors, with bones calcited into the fill, further old bones are found in the floor.
   To the north at the bottom of the entrance slope from the Rift Entrance is an upward sloping passage which meets a drop of 2m just below Tyre Entrance, this drop continues to a downward dipping crawl to meet a chamber formed on the same slopping angle with more bones at the base and calcited blockage at the west and top. A sloping flat out crawl leads down to the "sump" chamber. The "sump" may be just a pool at the area water level; it has not been dived to see if there is any passage below.
   To the east of this chamber is a passage running under the main passage with a roof that is the calcited floor of the passage above with calcited bones embedded in the roof. To the east of the entrance ramp a walking passage that slopes up with some old cut steps in the mud floor after which it splits into a high and low passage that meet just before a low boulder choke that could dig with caps etc. There are two rifts going off the higher passage but these both choke.
(Description by Phil Papard)

Reference: anon., 2014b (Easter logbook); anon., 2016b (Easter logbook); anon., 2016c (summer logbook)
Entrance pictures : Easter 2014
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