3973: Revoltona, Cueva la
Solórzano 30T 451461 4802048 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 207m
Length 81m Depth 25m
Area position

Updated 11th February 2016

The entrance is in a small depression beside the track and the cave was first documented by the Grupo Espeleológico de Santander del C.A. Tajahierro. Their survey is published in Exploraciones en Solorzano (Santander) in Los Sótanos de la Tierra, No. 5, 1980, Santander (ref. 1980a).

A large, steeply descending passage on boulders narrows then opens out again, increases in height, and descends to a large chamber with a mud floor. A small hole is being enlarged with a possible p6 beyond.

A traverse up across a calcite wall leads to a hole and descending tube to an 8m pitch ending in a sandy, mud choke.

Reference: anon., 1980a; anon., 2014b (Easter logbook)
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Detailed survey : from anon., 1980a : 2015 resurvey & extensions - plan and elevation
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