3859: shaft
Las Calzadillas 30T 448195 4795768 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 425m
Length 16m Depth 11m
Area position

A few metres further down the gulley from site 3858 is a cirque of rock with an obvious entrance at the base. This leads almost immediately to an 8m shaft. The floor at the base is stream debris. Back under the entrance slope is a hole up through boulders with water entering from the surface gulley (on a wet day). Two pitons were noticed near the entrance. At the top of the pitch a roof tube with a floor slot can be followed for several metres to a surface(?) run-in. The base of the slot is 3m up the wall in the chamber the ladder lands in. It is not clear which direction the water took to create the roof tube and slot.
Water sinks in the floor of the chamber but there is no way on without digging.
The site is developed along 250° - 70°.

Reference: anon., 2013b (Easter logbook)
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