3855: shaft
Las Calzadillas 30T 448177 4795982 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 420m
Length 20m Depth 15m
Area position

Updated 12th, 20th October 2013

There are 2 holes here dropping into the same chamber. Initially a bolt was placed for a ladder descent down the obvious entrance as it allowed a better view of the lower part of the pitch which is freehanging under an enormous block. The ladder was rehung off a tree to give an easier exit.
The pitch is about 8m from the lip of the open hole, so ladder needs to be belayed well down the entrance slope. The landing is in a large rift chamber with the skeleton of a cow and a horse. What appears to be 2 rusting tin cans were the remains of the horses shod hooves.
At the northern end of the rift, part way back up the ladder and then down again, is the deepest point. Another ladder is required but any way on at the base appears choked.
Back in the main rift-cum-chamber, above the horse remains, daylight enters through the second small hole in the surface depression.

Reference: anon., 2013b (Easter logbook); anon., 2013d (summer logbook)
Entrance pictures : Easter 2013 : summer 2013
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