2382: Cuadra, Cueva de la
Navajeda 30T 444513 4800667 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 163m
Length 100m
Area position : A Google search for this site (Cuadra, Cueva de la+Navajeda)

Updated 17th July 2015; 19th February 2016

   An obvious 4m wide by 2.5m high entrance on the side of the hill with old water channels along either wall for the first 20m. Beyond a man-made wall nearly roof-high is a chamber with a 4 or 5-way junction. To the right ends at a diggable crawl. Straight on is a slope up into an upper level chamber with some stal and a hole on the left which drops to a third passage out of the main chamber which has a lowering roof to a choked rift. The final passage is a narrow rift on the left which gets too tight.
   The cave has / had archaeological material: a flint and carbon fragments. There are also panels of black marks. (See Ruiz Cobo J and Muñoz Fernández E, 2013, pp 368 - 369.)

Reference: anon., 2006b (Easter logbook)
Entrance picture : yes
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Detailed Survey : Surveyed in 2015
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Survex file : yes