1948: Brazada, Cueva de la (2447 (French: SCD))
Riva 30T 453047 4792832 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: A) Altitude 322m
Length 300m Depth 38m
Area position

Updated 24th September 2018

The length is a guess.

   This cave lies to the north of Riva and has been documented by the AEC Lobetum. A magnificent pot found in the cave has provided the form and style for Brazada-type pottery. Further details should appear here in due course. Simonnot G, 2018 has some references.

A part-description of the site roughly translated from the Spanish in Simonnot G, 2018:
The cave has a mouth, facing the NE, 3 m wide and 0.8 m high, which gives access to a vestibule 3 m wide and 4 m long. Continue through a gallery of 1.8 m in width and 11 m in length, followed by another, of 0.8 m width and 4 m in length, which opens into a room 5 m wide and 3 m wide length (where the pottery was found), with a pitch 5 m deep. Follow one gallery 0.6 m wide and 5.2 m long, ending in another pitch, 6 m depth. The cavity continues with a series of complicated development galleries whose bottom runs a small stream of water.
The site was discovered in the early 1960s by members of Speleo Club de Dijon, who collected the archaeological material.

Reference: pers. comm., 2016; Simonnot G, 2018
Entrance picture: 2016
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Other pictures: Brazada pottery
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