1504: Climbing Wall Cave
La Secada 30T 451172 4797692 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 283m
Length 40m Depth 25m
Area position

Updated 21st October 2001; 3rd November 2003;  17th January 2004; 1st February 2006; 19th September 2013

This site started life as the "climbing wall" dig. An obvious stream sink under a cliff that has been dug in a number of places (including the adjacent shakehole) but is choked. However, a very low bedding entrance 3m up above the low point was investigated with a small video camera on a long stick which showed a low chamber with stal and a hole in the floor.
The entrance was subsequently enlarged and the dipping bedding plane followed down to the left to the hole in the floor. The top of the pitch here was also enlarged and opened out into a roomy 18m pitch to a choked floor. Leading off from the base is a tiny passage that wasn't draughting in December but may repay a visit on a warmer day. The 3m climb up to the entrance would be awkward without the rope and bolts currently in place.
The site was revisited in August 2013 when the hole at the bottom (with "not much draught") was pushed into a tiny mud-floored chamber with no way on. Leads higher up the pitch were checked with no easy way on found. An opening opposite the pitch head "could go with effort butnot easy to see where".
The base of the shaft is at the same level as the main passages in site 415.

Reference: anon., 2000b (Easter logbook); anon., 2001c (Summer logbook); anon., 2003d (autumn logbook); anon., 2003e (Christmas logbook); Corrin Juan, 2005; anon., 2013d (summer logbook)
Entrance pictures: yes  working to enter the cave
Underground picture(s): head of the pitch
Video: (Juan Corrin) oscillating and rotating camera on a 3m stick showing stal then hole in floor
1st entry of the cave  rock down the pitch  Phil Papard pitch rigging   Pete Smith leaving pitch top
Detailed survey: 1:200 : annotated after August 2013 visit
Line survey:
On area survey:
Survex file: yes (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)