1075: shaft (2140 (French: SCD))
Alisas 30T 448077 4793320 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 662m
Length 27m Depth 25m
Area position

Updated 11th February 2016; 22nd May 2017

According to Simonnot G, 2016, the site position is ETRS89 0448069 4793318. A GPS reading taken before Easter 2017 is shown above. According to Simonnot G, 2018, the shaft was possibly descended by the Tortosa group in the 90's.

First reported as an undescended, 20m deep shaft with the entrance a circular, 2m diameter hole, the shaft was descended 23m with a further 2m slope to a choke.

Reference: anon., 1995c (logbook); Simonnot G, 2016; anon., 2017b (Easter logbook); Simonnot G, 2018
Entrance pictures : March 2017
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