0961: Mazo, Cueva del
Ogarrio 30T 456238 4793041 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 130m
Length 70m Depth 11m
Area position

Updated 18th January 2004

Shown in Actividades Regionales. Exploraciones en Cantabria (anon., 1993a) as site 31. Approximate grid reference taken from the map in the same booklet. A decorated gallery leads to a chamber which may require a handline or ladder to drop into. On the survey, there appears to be an inpenetrable route through to a system entered from another cave.

Reference: anon., 1993a (survey)
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Detailed Survey : from anon., 1993a (AEC Lobetum): high res   low res
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