0495: dig
S Vega 30T 451648 4795231 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 220m
Length 15m Depth 10m
Area position

Updated 27th September 2015

This is found in the deepest shakehole next to a flimsy cow shed.

A 10m deep, draughting dig at the foot of 15m high cliff face. Progress in the '90s was down against one, sloping, solid wall. At the base a small chamber has been entered through a crawl and there is a small aven rising just inside the face, blocked by a flake. The way on is probably down. The altitude is the same as the main levels in Torca del Coterón (264) .

The site was revisited in 2015. There has been lots of tree growth and the dig has partly collapsed.

Reference: anon., 1992b (logbook); anon., 1993c (Easter logbook); anon., 1993b (logbook); Corrin J, 1994a; Corrin Juan, 1995b
Entrance pictures : in August 2015
Underground picture(s):
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