0311: dig
S Vega 30T 451691 4795057 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 279m
Length 40m Depth 30m
Area position

Updated 27th July 2000; 19th October 2003; 27th September 2015

   A strongly draughting but tight hole with the wind blowing up between boulders some of which were excavated in 1992. The cave was left to stabilise and another 2m depth was gained at Easter 1994.
    The 1995 digging season left the site still draughting very strongly, 5m deep and 2m diameter, with a boulder and clay floor.
    In the summer of 96, the hole was excavated to a 30m blind pitch with no obvious way on. There is a small chamber to the right of the pitch, about 3m down. Digging above the pitch head is still following the draught.
   The site was further investigated in 2015 when it was partly descended. There is some doubt as to the depth: in 2015, rocks went a considerable distance below 24m depth (down 12m on ladders and 12m disto to a ledge). The rocks landed with a considerable echo.

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Entrance pictures : earlier photos  including the hole top in 2003 : summer 2015
Underground pictures: yes
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