0170: cave
Muela 30T 454345 4796443 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 773m
Length 47m
Area position

Updated 20th September 2012; 3rd March 2020

[Alternative GPS is 30T 454347 4796463]
A small crawl to a draughting stal blockage in a chamber. Draughts and could be dug but is probably not worth it. Marked 170.

References: anon., 1980a (logbook); Corrin J S and Smith P, 1981; anon., 2012d (summer logbook); Corrin Juan, 2013a; anon., 2020a (January, February logbook)
Entrance pictures : yes
Underground picture(s): yes
Detailed Survey : yes
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : yes (Coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)