QGIS with Matienzo Caves Project Data

The map system (since 2017) for the Matienzo Caves Project is an application based on the widely-used free-ware programme, QGIS. Satellite photos, digital terrain model, geology, dowsing data, cave passage centre lines and widths and site positions are shown on a map with surface details and contours. Links to aerial panoramas and videos are available. Two monitors are a definite advantage when bringing up site descriptions, but not essential.

QGIS allows data to be filtered so that we can see unexplored holes, draughting sites, etc. and also shows underground passage altitudes to compare with the surface. (The fuller QGIS system, used during expeditions and for updating information, additionally allows input of cave grid references through an Excel spreadsheet.)

Updated information will be disseminated every few months.

On your PC, the Matienzo data files and folders should all be in a C:\MCP-QGIS folder which should be created if not already present.

For this update (v190923), if you are already up-to-date with v190606, it is only necessary to download the MCP updated items below. This update has new info after the summer 2019 expedition.

Installation & help The help pdf file for installing the QGIS application and using the Matienzo Caves Project data.
(Updated 23/9/2019)
QGIS The programme download from the QGIS site. Version 2.18 (Don't try version 3!)
MCP background items for first time users

This file need only be downloaded when QGIS is first used. A zipped file of satellite photos, geology and styles, etc.
Approximately 1.68Gb download. (Updated 6/3/19)

Unzip the file as the static folder in the C:\MCP-QGIS folder

MCP updated items for first time users This zip file contains the complete "updated" folder.
Approximately 7.4Gb download. (Updated 23/9/2019)
Unzip the file as the updates folder within the C:/MCP-QGIS folder
MCP updated items to update the current updates folder Zip file contains updated/new files/folders for the "updated" folder. (Since the 190606 update)
Approximately 128Mb download. (Updated 23/9/2019)
Unzip the file. Find the "updates" folder inside this and drag and drop this new updates folder over the C:\MCP-QGIS\ folder. Allow files to be replaced when asked.
Map configuration for all users
MCP-190923.qgs and

This is the configuration data, updated from time-to-time as two files. (The Memory Layer Saver plugin should be installed to read the .mldata file before the "Experimental" group can be used.)
Update 190923: contains summer expedition data
Approximately 4.8Mb download. Last updated 23/9/2019

Unzip the file.
Move the two files into the
C:/MCP-QGIS folder then double click on the MCP-190923.qgs file to start the QGIS application with the Matienzo data.